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Our Mission

Company EKO UNIJA SN DOO Beograd, was incorporated in March 2012, for the purpose of collecting and recycling non-hazardous waste in an innovative and socially useful manner, with intention to awaken awareness of both legal and natural entities about the importance of environmental protection.

Predominant business activity of EKO UNIJA SN DOO Beograd is collection, management (sorting, cutting, baling) and sale of non-hazardous waste of all kinds and categories: metal, paper/cardboard, plastics, wood, glass, e-waste.

Eko Unija SN extends its business from 2017 and, besides collecting, begins to dismantle and demolish the plant, equipment and thereby ensures the process of preparing materials for collection and recycling

We have all necessary Licenses and Approvals for performance of this business activity:

  • License for collection and transport of non-hazardous waste on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, No.: 19-00-00189/2017-16, issued by the Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Serbia.
  • License for storage and treatment of non-hazardous waste, No.: 501.6-28/2013 V-04, issued by the Secretariat for Environmental Protection of the City Administration of Belgrade.


Through realization of the set targets and achievement of significant results, in a short period of time, EKO UNIJA SN has become an important market factor in the business of collecting, management and placement of non-hazardous waste.

Together with our partners we dedicate ourselves to developing awareness about importance of reducing the amount of waste every single individual makes.

Thanks to cooperation with large systems, we managed to complete our primary task - and that is to introduce the postulate that environmental protection must be the integral part of any business activity.

We keep going forward into the even more prospective future, led by our motto that any success is the result of wise choice, good preparation and brave action.


How we work

In line with its activity, EKO UNIJA SN fulfills all necessary technical and organizational conditions for collection, transport, management and storage of non-hazardous waste and at the same time complies with all legal rules and regulations required by the relevant European standards.

The main force of the Company EKO UNIJA SN is its team of 30 highly educated and qualified experts, who cover all field operations, trade, marketing and finances.

Besides experts, engineers and qualified staff of various profiles, EKO UNIJA SN also employs collectors of secondary raw materials originating mostly from marginalized social groups, provides them social security and protection and introduces them into legal business by both engaging them and purchasing secondary raw materials from them.

For the needs of collecting and storage of non-hazardous waste, EKO UNIJA SN doo have logistics center at our disposal as well as modern technical machinery - vehicles equipped with special purpose vehicles and accessories: presses, containers, baskets, cages, machine for cutting iron, excavators equipped for the preparation of picking materials (with scissors) and all other licenses and certificates required for the stated activities. Our manufacturing plants are equipped with the latest technological lines for cutting and baling waste paper, PET packaging, PE and PP material.

Our manufacturing plants are equipped with the latest technological lines for cutting and baling waste paper, PET packaging, PE and PP material.

As per technical and technological equipment, EKO UNIJA SN follows the latest trends, necessary for achieving the highest quality of performance.

In that respect, a significant role in our manufacturing plant belongs to a best quality ecological and technically perfect machine for cutting and crushing metal waste, as well as excavators specializing in working with all types of metal waste



An extremely important project we are periodically and occasionally engaged in is the execution of works on removing large vessels and cleaning the terrain for construction of BELGRADE WATERFRONT.

He has successfully performed and dismantling of steel structures - prefabricated buildings SAVAMALA so. halls Brace Krsmanovic


Project of demolition and removal of facilities and equipment within the RTB Bor. The project, which Eko Unija SN started in February 2018, where in co-operation with its partners, Eko Unija SN disassembles and demolishes steel constructions within the RTB Bor mine, and removes metal waste, and then are working on re-cultivates and landscaping of the land.


The project of demolition and removal of equipment within Galenika AD.Beograd In 2018. Eko Unija SN started cooperation with Galenika AD, on the works of dismantling equipment, and removal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste


The project of demolition and removal of equipment within the sugar factory in Požarevac. In addition to the two major projects Bor and Galenika, the Eko Unija SN started cooperation with the city of Pozarevac in 2018, and began to work on dismantling and cutting down of technological equipment within the sugar factory. A project that includes the removal and disassembly of disused equipment as well as the dismantling of the facilities themselves. The end of the project is planned by mid-2019.


Movable assets from the bankruptcy estate of the Machine and Tractor Industry have been sold to Eko Unija SN

The property sold includes mechanical equipment, conveyors, tractors and forklifts, vehicles, supplies of spare parts and tires, waste iron and copper, as well as restaurant and kitchen. delova i guma, otpadnog gvožđe i bakar kao i restoran i kuhinja.

Eko Unija SN in March 2019 starts work, dismantling and selling IMT equipment

The sale of the machine will be done on our site


— Establishing public-private partnerships with utility companies

— Demolition of construction sites and disposal of construction waste

— Recycling of wood and wooden packaging

— Collection and treatment of electronic waste


  • Our primary plan is to set up a successful management with an efficiently sustainable system for the collection and processing of construction waste.
  • Demolition, collection, dispatch and recycling of their material obtained by dismantling and demolition
  • Recycling of concrete and reuse for construction purposes
  • Public Private Partnership with Utility Companies
  • Bionergy-re-utilization of waste for energy purposes



Certop ISO 9001

ISO 9001: 2008 is the framework for implementing the quality management system.

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Certop ISO 14001

ISO 14001: 2004 is a standard that reduces negative environmental impacts.

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Certop OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001: 2007 is an internationally recognized standard for health and safety (OHS) at work.

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All of our logistic centers have Licenses and Approvals